the solution to

clean crypto mining

anywhere on the planet

The Crypto Solar Tree

Thanks to the blockchain revolution, the money tree is finally a possibility. 

First and foremost, the Crypto Solar Tree is an alternative, renewable energy source for both on-grid and off-grid applications. The Crypto Solar Tree is also the world’s first clean energy crypto-mining solution, able to generate passive income and pay for itself in 24 months*.

The Crypto Solar Tree is configurable and 5G-enabled, sporting built-in crypto-miners operating on the patent-pending Daymak Nebula Infrastructure, allowing for solutions custom-fitted to all your electricity consumption needs.

Make Money While Making a Difference

The World's First Emission-Free Crypto Mining Solution.

Thanks to crypto mining, all your charging stations are making you money. Rest-assured that as long as your vehicle is plugged into your CryptoSolarTree, it truly takes zero fossil-fuels to power your EV!

A Clean Energy Power House in Your Backyard

Generate up to 11 kW of Electricity, and save up to two days’ worth of back-up power.




Every Crypto Solar Tree comes with a vertical-axis wind turbine to maximize power generation and meet your power needs.

Solar Panels


Our engineers have optimized the design of the crypto solar tree to maximize the power generated in daylight.


Always Prepared

Store energy and power your house or farm for up to two days. Plug your appliances into your Crypto Solar Tree using the built-in power inverter. Manage all your power needs from your smartphone.

Crypto Mining

Generate Energy, Generate Wealth

Through our patent-pending Nebula technology, mine and manage cryptocurrency, and offset the cost of your Crypto Solar Tree as soon as 24 months from purchase. There is also customizable support for additional mining systems up to a certain power limit. Crypto Solar Tree – the world’s first clean crypto mining solution.

Water Collection & Purification

Giving Everyone a Chance at a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

The Crypto Solar Tree comes with a built-in water collection, and filteration system, acting as a source of clean water in areas that need it.

Convenient, Sustainable, Versatile.

Built to be a versatile renewable energy source with endless applications. Generate clean energy and income anywhere all the time.

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Built-in miners

$17 earnings/day*

*Based on  of a KS2  March 2024. Miner not included

wind power


solar power


Battery Capacity

12 kWh

Optional Miner support

Up to 2000W power

No Water Collection & Purification

Installation not included.


Please contact us for pricing

Built-in miners

$173 earnings/day*

*Based on  of a KS5 PRO  March 2024. Miner not included

wind power


solar power


Battery Capacity

20 kWh

Optional Miner support

Up to 3500W power

No Water Collection & Purification

Installation not included.


Please contact us for pricing

Built-in miners

$346 earnings/day*

*Based on  of two KS5 PRO  March 2024. Miners not included

wind power


solar power


Battery Capacity

25 kWh

Optional Miner support

Up to 6300W power

Water Collection & Purification

Filtration system only. Water reservoir not included.
Installation not included.

Opening New Doors

Making tomorrow's technology accessible anywhere on the planet.

For areas with no clean running water, the CryptoSolarTree offers a water collection, filtration, and purification system, presenting itself as an unprecedented, holistic utility package and income source.

All projects will be built to spec.

For crypto mining the most profitable miner used are KASPA miners.

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30 Feet or 9.14 meters.
Yes, you can create a network of trees.
We are going to build a network of dealers that will offer installation services. If you are interested in becoming an installer please fill out the form at distributors wanted.
Yes. You can add 1 miner that uses up to 2000W on the Standard version, up to 3200W on the Deluxe version and up to 6300W on the Ultimate version.
Yes. We offer a variety of options via Coinbase.
Daymak has been around over 20 years. We are the largest distributor of light electric vehicles in Canada and we have exported to over 25 countries.
Yes, we are. Please visit Daymak Avvenire for more information.
Yes, they are if the product is not shipped.
The solar panel/wind turbine is approximately 20 years. Battery life expectancy is approximately 5 years.
2 years parts warranty on the turbine. 10 years on the solar panels.
Installation and water base reservoir are not included.
Yes. Options will be made available closer to delivery dates.
The tree is made of steel.

Our engineers will customize a foundation system that supports the structure of the tree. The photos provided do not reflect that for aesthetic reasons.

It is definitely strong enough to withstand a storm.
Absolutely, the tree is controlled via an app and has state of the art software and data analytics, that’s what the 5G is for.
The user needs to pay for storage tank installation, and our engineers will work with you on a customized solution best suited to your local climate and topography.

Installation and site permit fee’s may apply depending on location. Please check with local Authorities.

Installation may require the services of a licensed electrician to perform grid tie-in and /or integration with residence/structure. Please check with local Authorities.

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